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Map of FF7 Glacier by Renalon Map of FF7 Glacier by Renalon
Copyright FF7! This is a map of the Glacier area after you fall off the snowboard in the beginning of Disk 2, end of Disk 1. Very helpful for quick navigation through here!

1. (Bottom of page, center) Starting Point/boulder caves.

2. Ice Cave that leads you back to #1 if you go sliding down the ice.

3. The tail end of the lost airplane...

4. The Lower Lake

5. The Hut on the Lake. I think you can get an "All" or something cool in here, if you can jump across the ice flow.

6. Glacier Lake.

7. The Bridge.

8. Ice Mounds... more materia here.

9. The Face. Not much to see here except a face, presumably carved by the Cetra.

10. Whatsisname's Cabin... where you will awake if you randomly pass out.

11. Hot Springs. Go down and touch this, then head directly to #16 Cave to fight the Ice Woman for Alexander Summon.

12. The Old Tree.

13. Glacier Forest. A few hidden treats in here, if you look carefully.

14. Spear Mountains. Take the back route to get to #16.

15. Ice Fields. Easy to get lost- travel in straight lines, using the markers to make sure you're straight. Head directly to the right, the left, up or down to reach certain points.

16. Ice Bitch's Cave. Very weak against fire, defeat her, and she'll cough up the Alexander Summon materia after she disappears.

Hope this makes FF7 life easier! It certainly helped me out a lot!
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